The NPSO Online Discussion List

What's a discussion list?

The online discussion list (also called a mailing list, listserver, or listserve) is a way for NPSO members and others to communicate on topics of mutual interest. Using the list, you send one e-mail message which is delivered automatically to all the list subscribers (currently about 300).

How do I subscribe?

You just tell the list program what your email address is. That's it! Here's how to do it.

1. Enter your address here and click Submit:



2. Send an email to with subscribe npso as the entire body of the message. No subject is required.

O.K., I've subscribed. What now?

First, you'll be sent a confirmation email from the list program. You must reply to that to complete your subscription. After you confirm, you'll get another email with details of how the list works. (Some of that is covered below, but please save that email for reference.

Then, whenever anyone makes a post to the list, you'll get an email with their message, which also goes to all the other list subscribers. If you want to respond to the message, you just do a regular reply from your email program - replies also get sent to everyone on the list.

Whenever you want to send an original message to the list, just compose an email and send it to Everyone on the list will get a copy.

Are there any options?

Yes, several. You can get one email a day with all of that day's posts (rather than one email for each post) - this is digest mode. You can stop getting list messages temporarily, while you're on vacation, for example. You can even unsubscribe from the list.

  • For digest mode: send an email to with set npso digest as the body.

    For normal mode: send an email to with set npso nodigest as the body.
  • To temporarily stop delivery: send an email to with set npso nomail as the body.

    To resume delivery: send an email to with set npso mail as the body.
  • To be removed permanently from the list: send an email to with unsubscribe npso as the body.

    To be added to the list: send an email to with subscribe npso as the body.

I'm changing my email address. How can I be sure I keep getting list messages?

First, before the old address is disabled, send an email from that account, with "unsubscribe npso" as the body, as described above. Then, when the new email address is working, just subscribe that one as shown above.

What can I do if I have a problem or question?

Send an email to the - there's a real person there.

Who the heck is "majordomo"? And what is ""?

Majordomo is just the name of a computer program which runs discussion lists like ours. When it's installed, it makes an email address for itself called "majordomo@<whatever server it's on>", so that folks can send emails to it, as above. As for "," that is the name of an internet domain owned by Allyn Weaks in Washington state. Among her interests are Pacific Northwest gardening and native plants, as well as computers and the internet. She provides the server space and bandwidth to us at no cost, and for that we thank her!

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