Rare & Endangered Plants Committee


Siskiyou mariposa lily
Siskiyou mariposa lily, known from just one
occurance in Oregon, and not seen here for
several years. (Norm Jensen)
The Rare and Endangered Plants Committee is dedicated to the conservation of rare and endangered plants in Oregon. We are actively engaged in the following activities:

  • Providing opportunities for education including workshops focusing on rare species or habitats (read about our workshop opportunities here)
  • Initiating and managing the NPSO Citizen’s Rare Plant Watch, a new citizen science program to organize volunteers to search for and collect data on historical rare species occurrences throughout Oregon (read about the Citizen’s Rare Plant Watch here)
  • Partnering with the Oregon Flora Project, the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (ORBIC), and Federal and State agencies to collaborate and aid in conservation efforts
  • Advocating for Oregon’s rare plant species by petitioning listing of those which need to be reviewed at the state and federal level
  • Contributing rare species information pages to the Oregon Flora Project

If you are interested in contributing to any of these activities, please contact:
 Jason Clinch (jason.clinch@gmail.com)
 NPSO Rare and Endangered Plants Committee Chair

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