Vol. 1 - 6
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The Discovery and Naming of Kalmiopsis leachiana and the Establishment of the Kalmiopsis, by Rhoda M. Love
The Malheur Wire-Lettuce: a Rare, Recently Evolved Oregon Species, by Leslie Gottlieb
Native Plants, Native Ecosystems, & Native Landscapes: An Ecological Definition of 'Native' Will Promote Effective Conservation and Restoration, by Mark V. Wilson, David E. Hibbs, & Edward R. Alverson

Vol. 2: 1992

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Bradshaw's Desert Parsley: Population Monitoring and Pollination Biology, by Thomas N. Kaye
Evolution Before Darwin: The Musings of Constantine Rafinesque, by Kenton L. Chambers
Differentiating Mimulus jepsonii and M. nanus in South-Central Oregon: A Problem in Applied Systematics, by Robert J. Meinke
Some Recent Taxonomic Changes Affecting the Names of Oregon Plant Species, by Kenton L. Chambers
OREGON PLANTS, OREGON PLACES: The Painted Hills: Thirty Million Years of Phytogeography, by Stuart Garrett & Berta Youtie
Book Review: Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1790-1850

Vol. 3: 1993

Cover, Table of Contents
OREGON PLANTS, OREGON PLACES: Upper & Lower Table Rocks, Jackson County, by Joan Seevers & Darren Borgias
Darlingtonia, by Frank Lang & Andy Sudkamp
Extinct & Extirpated Plants from Oregon, by Jim Kagan & Susan Vrilakas
Recent Taxonomic Changes for Oregon Ferns & Fern Allies, by Edward R. Alverson
Book Review: The Jepson Manual

Vol. 4: 1994

Cover, Table of Contents
OREGON PLANTS, OREGON PLACES: Rough & Ready Creek, by Darren Borgias & Barbara Ullian
History of the University of Oregon Herbarium (1904 - 1993), by David H. Wagner
Descriptive Key to Oregon Penstemons, by Robin Lodewick
Conservation Strategies & Monitoring of Rare Plants on National Forests in Oregon, by Jennifer Dimling
Cimicifuga elata - Tall Bugbane, by Thomas Kaye & Andy Sudkamp

Vol. 5: 1995

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon: Botanical Description & Floral Checklist, by Marjorie Ettinger & Susan Harless
The Unique Botany of Steens Mountain: The Rare & Endemic Plants, by Donald Mansfield
The Changing Face of Western Botany, by Barbara Ertter
The Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis), by Stuart Garrett

Vol. 6: 1996

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Botanizing the Southern Oregon Coast: Coos Bay to Port Orford, by Bruce Rittenhouse
Estes' Artemisia (Artemesia ludoviciana ssp. estesii), by Howie Brounstein
Albert Raddin Sweetser: Founder of the the University of Oregon Herbarium, by Rhoda M. Love
Western Lily (Lilium occidentale), by Edward O. Guerrant, Jr.