Field Research Grant Guidelines

  • Objectives
    • To stimulate basic field research into the biology and distribution of Oregon's native and naturalized flora and vegetation, particularly in the more remote areas of the state.
    • To promote native plant conservation through better understanding of Oregon's flora and vegetation and the factors affecting their survival.
  • Eligible expenses (up to $1000 per proposal):
    • Direct costs of travel, meals, lodging, and supplies
    • Services such as copying, phone, computer time
    • Film and processing if part of final report
  • Non-eligible expenses include
    • Wages
    • Typing and graphics for publication
    • Film and processing for personal or other use unrelated to final report
  • Application and Selection Procedure
    • Proposals shall be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Research Grants Committee by March 1st of each year.
    • Each proposal shall consist of:
      • - Objectives, methods, and short review of past similar work
      • - Overall budget, including details of other funding
      • - Description of final product
      • - Brief statement of applicants qualifications
    • The Committee Chair will see that each proposal is copied and distributed to each committee member for review.
    • Each committee member will review each proposal in writing and will rank the proposals in order of preference. The rankings will serve as a basis for discussion among the committee. Decisions that can not be made by consensus will be decided by a simple majority; in case of a tie the Chairperson's vote shall decide. The Committee may decide to fund fewer proposals that budgeted for.
    • Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee's decision. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the reasons for rejection of their proposals. The Committee may suggest proposal modifications with funding contingent upon modification.
    • Grant awards will be announced in the NPSO Bulletin.
  • Selection Criteria for Proposals
    • Proposals must pertain to native or naturalized plants of Oregon.
    • Preference will be given to covering costs associated with field work, especially research conducted in Oregon east of the 121st meridian.
    • Preference will be given to proposals expected to generate data useful for conservation of native plants in the wild.
    • Preference will be given to proposals demonstrating cooperation with other organizations or agencies. Priority will be given to designation of the Leighton Ho Field Botany Award as a matching grant for a project of The Nature Conservancy that otherwise meets the requirements of these guidelines, with the exception that preference will be for research conducted west of the 121st meridian.
    • Applicants need not be residents of Oregon, nor NPSO members.
  • Reporting and Payment Schedule
    • First payment of $500 will be made at the request of the applicant to the NPSO Treasurer any time after written notification of award. The Treasurer will receive a copy of the award notification letter.
    • Final payment will be made at the request of the applicant to the NPSO Treasurer any time after receipt of 2 copies of a final report and expense report sent to the Committee Chair. The Committee Chair will notify the Treasurer of the receipt of the final report.
    • Final reports are due by January 31st of the year following the award. Awardees submitting late reports by March 1st will be reimbursed for 50% of the remaining eligible expenses (up to $250). Reports submitted after March 1st will result in forfeiture of further reimbursement. Awardees who fail to submit a final report within one year of the date of first payment will be ineligible for further grants unless an extension or exception is granted by vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Final Report and Resulting Publications
    • The two copies of each final report shall be held by the Committee Chair and the President and shall be transferred to succeeding holders of these offices.
    • Research data are the property of the researcher and may not be published or distributed without written permission from the researcher.
    • The Native Plant Society of Oregon's support should be acknowledged in any publication resulting from the research.
  • Program Funding
    • Funding for research grants may come from NPSO'S general budget. In that case, the number of $1000 grants will be set during the annual budget process (proposed by the Budget Committee and ratified by the Board). Funds approved but not spent shall remain in the general budget.
    • Funding may also come from dedicated funds, including memorial gifts. These shall be disbursed according to the terms of the particular fund and may be subject to more restrictive criteria than general budget moneys. Decisions to spend dedicated fund principal must be voted on by the Board. Accumulated interest may be disbursed without a Board vote, by Committee decision.
  • Research Grants Committee Structure
    • The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the President.
    • The Committee shall consist of 3 or 5 members including the Chairperson. The President may serve as a voting member of the committee.
    • Other committee members shall be appointed by the Committee Chair. Members need not be Board members but must be NPSO members.
    • Committee members may not receive grants.


    Approximate Timetable of Events

    DEC Request for grant proposals published in Bulletin
    JAN Board determines the number of grants
    Reports due from previous year
    FEB Appointment of committee members (when necessary)
    MAR Proposals due March 1
    APR Awardees notified by April 1, first payment available
    MAY Awards reported in Bulletin
    Award certificates presented at Annual Meeting