The NPSO Fellows Award recognizes individual members for their exceptional contributions to the Society. The guidelines for nomination are available online or by request from the Fellows Committee at fellows@npsoregon.org.

1998 Keith Chamberlain
  Ruth Hansen
  John Robotham
1999 Wilbur Bluhm
  Kenton Chambers
2000 Karl Urban
  Frank Lang
2001 Rhoda Love
  Charlene Simpson
  Veva Stansell
2002 Jerry Igo
2003 Charlene Holzwarth
Russ Jolley
2004-2006 none
2007 Barbara Robinson
Joan Fosback, Mildred Theile,Lois Hopkins, Mary Carlson
2008 none
2009 Frank Callahan
2010 Stu Garrett
2011 Jan and Dave Dobak
2012 Dan Luoma
2013 Paul Slichter
Kareen Sturgeon
2014 Jim Duncan
Cindy Roche
Bruce Newhouse
2015 Esther McEvoy
Frances Stilwell
2018 Barbara Mumblo
2019 Linda Ann Vorobik
2020 Lisa Blackburn
David Wagner
2021 Tanya Harvey