About NPSO

Enjoyment, Conservation, & Study

alpine lava fields
Pumice fields at Broken Top volcano. (Norm Jensen)
Oregonians live in a state with exceptional natural beauty and diversity that includes alpine lava fields to coastal sand dunes.

For nearly 50 years, members of the Native Plant Society of Oregon have been visiting the wild places of Oregon to enjoy, conserve, and study its natural vegetation. Founded in Portland in 1961, NPSO has grown to a statewide network of 13 chapters with nearly 1000 members. We invite you to join us!


What We Do

NPSO works tirelessly for plant and habitat conservation. Oregon would not have an Endangered Species Act if, in the mid-80s, NPSO members had not sought out farsighted legislators, attended endless committee meetings, testified at hearings, and educated legislative staff in order to explain the importance of plant protection.

Today, NPSO state conservation chairs track major issues and chapters are involved in local efforts to protect and conserve threatened and endangered species. We carry out rare plant surveys and monitoring programs; we have developed guidelines and policy regarding native plant gardening, ethics, grazing, mining, and forest management; and we are involved in plant salvage and re-introduction.

Chapters sponsor field trips and work parties, involving our members in conservation of Oregon's diverse plant heritage.

NPSO is pleased to offer yearly college scholarships for study within the State. We also fund field research grants for the study of native plants, giving many young people the opportunity for hands-on experience in plant research and conservation.

Oregon Flora Project

NPSO is proud to be helping the Oregon Flora Project in its efforts to produce a modern Flora, an online Atlas of Oregon Plants, and up-to-date Plant Checklists.


We Need You!

What benefits can NPSO membership offer you? Monthly chapter meetings with interesting speakers, programs, and workshops; field trips to see unusual land forms and uncommon plants; and the Annual Meeting at a beautiful location to celebrate the blooming of the wildflowers.

Your membership also includes the Bulletin, our monthly newsletter which provides news of meetings, field trips, and special events, and a subscription to our yearly journal, Kalmiopsis. You will also have the opportunity to purchase NPSO Occasional Papers.

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