State Officers

  • President: Lisa Blackburn
  • Immediate Past President: Kelli Van Norman
  • Vice-president: Dan Luoma
  • Secretary: Steven Yeager
  • Treasurer: Cyndi Dion
  • Directors
    • (to 6/2018): Michael McKeag, Zac Weinstein, and Thea Cook Jaster
    • (to 6/2019): Dawn Anzinger, Alexis Brickner, Esther McEvoy


Committees & Chairs

  • Budgets and Grants: Dan Luoma
  • Conservation, Billy Don Robinson
  • Friends Of The Oregon Flora Project: Linda Hardison
  • Legislative: Billy Don Robinson
  • Membership: Margaret Conover
  • NPSO Fellows: Cindy Roche and Kareen Sturgeon
  • Rare & Endangered Plants: Jason Clinch
  • Publications: Cindy Roche and Kareen Sturgeon



  • Bulletin Editor: Erika Wedenoja
  • Bulletin Production: Cat Mead
  • Webmaster: Sunia Yang


  • More information about our NPSO Fellows here.