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Updated 10 October 2014

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January 31, Saturday, 2015 10am - 2pm
State Board Meeting The next state board meeting will be hosted by the Corvallis Chapter. Location: 2087 Cordley Hall on the Oregon State University campus, parking information and directions to be provided.
May 29-31, Friday-Sunday, 2015
NPSO Annual Meeting 2015 The Mid-Columbia Chapter will host the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Native Plant Society of Oregon in Hood River. The state board meeting will be held on Sunday, May 31. Details will appear in future Bulletins and online at For information on student travel funds and other questions, contact

Blue Mountain

For information on Blue Mountain Chapter call Jerry Baker,541-566-2244.
Meetings: The chapter will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, continuing on into next spring. All meetings will be in the Theater Room of The Prodigal Son Brewery in Pendleton.
February 18, Wednesday, 7 pm
Meeting/Talk: First Foods. Cheryl Shippentower will talk about her work as a botanist for the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla, particularly regarding their First Foods program. Location: Theater Room at The Prodigal Son Brewery, 230 SE Court Ave., Pendleton. No-host food, drink and munchies available.


For more information, visit the chapter Web site, To be added to the e-mail list for upcoming programs and events, please contact

February 26, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Rock Stars of the Western Cascades. Emerald Chapter member Tanya Harvey will show photos of rock-loving plants that grow in Oregon’s Western Cascades. She will talk about the different types of rocky habitats, where they can be found, and share some good locations to look for them. For information about her plant explorations, visit her website, Tanya will bring her art, photo cards, and bird ornaments for sale (see Doors open at 6:45 pm for socializing, Meeting/Program starts at 7 pm. Location: Carnegie Room, McMinnville Public Library, 225 NW Adams St. (corner of Hwy 99W and SW 2nd St.). Parking lot entrances on Adams and 2nd. For more information contact: Lisa Blackburn, 503-538-3976 or
March 26, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Botanical Gems of Alaska. Dr. Steven Carpenter, author of Wildflowers of Marys Peak Meadows and Wildflowers of Bald Hill Meadows, will share with us the unique habitats and plants encountered on his two month long Alaskan adventure that covered over 7,500 miles. He will discuss the diversity of habitats he visited, from the vast Taiga forests to plant communities considered as subalpine in Oregon, with a focus on the most beautiful and interesting plants of each. He will also touch on current uses of plants by Native Americans of the region as well as how to find some of these special places on your own. Doors open at 6:45 pm for socializing, Meeting/Program starts at 7 pm. Location: Carnegie Room, McMinnville Public Library, 225 NW Adams St. (corner of Hwy 99W and SW 2nd St.). Parking lot entrances on Adams and 2nd. For more information contact: Lisa Blackburn, 503-538-3976 or


For questions, information on upcoming events, or to be on the Corvallis chapter e-mail list, contact Jordan Brown at or 253-820-3934.
February 9, Monday, 7:30 pm
Meeting/Talk: A Tale of Two Lilies. Jordan Brown will be speaking about native plant conservation in the state of Oregon, specifically showcasing two spectacular endangered lilies: the western lily and Gentner's fritillary. The ongoing work with these two species exemplifies how our efforts can help conserve and recover imperiled plants as we gain more knowledge about them and the threats they face. Location: Avery House in Avery Park. For information, contact Jordan at 253-820-3934 or
March 9, Monday, 7:30 pm
Meeting/Talk: The Study of Strawberries. Dr. Aaron Liston, director of the OSU Herbarium, will present his lab's research on the genus Fragaria. Oregon is a hotbed for strawberry evolution, and he will share results from studies of our native species. In addition, he is collaborating on a project in China, and will describe his collection trip to Sichuan for wild strawberries. Location: Avery House in Avery Park. For information, contact Jordan at 253-820-3934 or


Visit the Emerald Chapter Web site to learn more about the latest chapter events, plant lists and botanical information about Lane County plants and the people who love them.
Meeting location: Conference Room at Lane County Mental Health, 2411 Martin Luther King Blvd. Turn off MLK Blvd. onto Scout Access Rd. across from Autzen and take the first left into the parking lot. The meeting room is on the right side as you face the building.
February 10, Tuesday, 10 am
Field Trip: Exploring Winter Branches. Co-sponsored by the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum and NPSO. Ever wonder what plants you're looking at in winter? We'll examine and learn to identify the many trees and shrubs in the Arboretum in their winter stage, without leaves or flowers, and notice which ones are already breaking bud. The two hour walk along the river into the woods will provide a diversity of examples of beautiful branches and bud patterns for us to enjoy. Bring a hand lens and Winter Twigs, by H. Gilkey and P. Packard, if possible. Identification handouts will be provided by our trip leader Gail Baker. Location: 10 am at the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Visitor Center. In south Eugene, turn off 1-5 at 30th and go east on Seavey Loop Rd. For more information call 541-747-3817.
February 19, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Knobcone Pine and KMX (Knobcone x Monterey Pine Cross) in Lane County. Charlene Simpson tells us about recent Lane County sightings of knobcone pine further north than previously documented. We may have an identification problem. Perhaps we are seeing the hybrid knobcone x Monterey pine cross created by geneticists for the forest products industry. To be accepted for listing by the Oregon Flora Project a taxon must be reproducing and maintaining away from cultivation. Location: Conference Room at Lane County Mental Health, see above for directions. For more information call 541-349-9999.
March 19, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Eugene Natural Areas through the Seasons. For the past decade, Eugene botanist Ed Alverson has been making weekly visits to photograph Eugene natural areas, choosing a different site every calendar year. For each year-long project, Ed selected 15 to 30 scenes to re-photograph every week. The resulting time series provide a view of seasonal charges over the year for a wide variety of habitats. Ed will present a selection of his photo sequences, describe his techniques, and discuss the value of repeat photography for natural history and conservation purposes. Location: Conference Room at Lane County Mental Health, see above for directions. For more information call 541-349-9999.

High Desert

For information, visit the High Desert Chapter website, Facebook page: 'Native Plant Society of Oregon: High Desert Chapter', or email

Klamath Basin

For information, visit the Klamath Basin Chapter website: or contact the chapter president, Melissa Schroeder
February 5, Thursday, 6:30–7:30 pm
Meeting/Talk: Williamson River Delta Restoration Chapter president, Melissa Schroeder, will give a talk on The Nature Conservancy's ongoing restoration efforts in the Williamson River Delta. Location: Oregon Institute of Technology Campus, DOW Center for Health Professions, Room 252.


For information on the Mid-Columbia Chapter, contact Sara Wu at
February 19, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: News from Humble Roots Nursery. Andrew Merritt will show slides and speak about some of the interesting projects and developments at Humble Roots Nursery, such as efforts to establish populations of Northern wormwood (Artemisia campestris var. wormskioldii) and production of Cleome (synonym of Peritoma) for pollinators. He will also share other nursery news and updates as appropriate. Location: PLEASE NOTE THE NEW MEETING ROOM. Room 1.354, Bldg 1, Columbia Gorge Community College, The Dalles.

North Coast

This chapter is currently inactive and seeking new leadership. For more information, contact


If you would like to receive the semi-official Chapter e-mail newsletter, The Calochortus, e-mail Don Jacobson.
Facebook: Take a look at our Facebook page. Native Plant Society of Oregon-Portland-Chapter. It will have the most up-to-date information on hike and other events as well as great plant pictures.

Meeting Location: The Portland Chapter meets the second Thursday of most months in the Metro Building at 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland. Enter from NE Irving St. on the north side of the building and walk across the upper plaza to the entrance (not the door on 600 NE Grand Ave.). An attendant will let you in and direct you to the meeting room upstairs. Meetings and programs begin at 7 pm.

February 12, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: (Rescheduled from November 2014) Forest Park: Portland’s Greatest Natural Resource. Biologist Marcy Houle will discuss the natural ecology of Portland’s Forest Park, one of the world’s largest urban parks and our nation’s only urban wilderness. Marcy has researched Forest Park for over 30 years and will highlight its history, detail the five things that make this park unique, and explain how we, as stewards, can protect its native plants and animals. Marcy will be selling her book, One City’s Wilderness: Portland’s Forest Park (3rd Ed). Meeting location: Metro building, see above for details. For information, contact Mary, or 503-288-4340.
March 12, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Botanical Art: through History and Today. Botanical artist Janet Parker will present an historical overview of botanical art, past, present, and even local. She will answer such questions as: Why did the accurate depiction of plant forms disappear for hundreds of years? What botanical artist had a thriving career in the court of Louis XVI and survived the French Revolution to become Empress Josephine’s official artist? She will have some of her own botanical art on display, and will offer cards for sale by the Oregon Botanical Artists. Meeting location: Metro building, see above for details. For information, contact Mary, or 503-288-4340.


To join the Siskiyou Chapter email list: Send an email, from the address at which you want to receive announcements, to No subject or message is required. You will get a confirmation email. If you would like to volunteer to lead a hike in 2013, make a suggestion, or provide feedback regarding the field trip program please contact Sasha Joachims at:
February 19, Thursday, 7 pm
Program: Fog Water Utilization by Coast Redwood Trees and the Implication for Climate Reconstruction. Dr. Roden from Southern Oregon University will discuss his current research on fog variation in coastal California and how fog can be used as a water source for some of the tallest living organisms as well as their associated species. He will also discuss how we can use variations in width and chemical composition (primarily stable isotopes of carbon and oxygen) of tree rings in coast redwood to understand fog and climate variation over the last millennium. Refreshments at 6:45 pm, meeting and program at 7 pm. Location: Southern Oregon University, Cascade Science Bldg. (the old Cascade Dorms), Room CSC 114 or Hawthorn Hall in Ashland. Contact Kristi:

South Coast

This is a newly formed chapter. For more information, contact the chapter president, Alexis Brickner at

Umpqua Valley

Visit for more information on chapter activities.

Willamette Valley

For program information, contact John Savage at 503-399-8615 or Alexandra Ninneman at 503-391-4145.

William Cusick

Visit our Web site at or contact Susan Geer at 541-963-0477 or Emelie Montgomery-Jones at 541-963-3339 for updates and general information. Chapter notices and communications are done primarily through a Google group. Members are reminded to contact Susan or Emelie if they want to be added to the Google group, or if they do not have internet access and want to be contacted by phone for events.
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