Using Native Plants for Gardening

Benefits of gardening with locally native plants

Once you have established locally native plants in your garden, there are numerous benefits you will reap. Examples are:

Monarch Butterfly (larva)
(©2003 Christopher L. Christie)

1. By using locally native plants in your garden, you help ensure habitat for plants and the animals that depend on them. For example, many of our native butterflies depend on a single native plant species during their caterpillar stage.

2. Native plants are attractive and beautiful.

3. Locally native plants are adapted to local soil and climate conditions, making many of them easier to maintain.

4. By using locally native plants, you reduce the risk of introducing invasive plants into your community.

5. By using locally native plants, rather than natives from elsewhere, the unique genetic makeup of locally native plants will not be altered.

Sulfur buckwheat
Sulphur buckwheat gives all-year color. (Norm Jensen)

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