Vol. 11 - 14
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Vol. 11: 2004

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Introduction: OREGON PLANTS, OREGON PLACES, by Joan Seevers
Leslie Gulch, by Jean Findley
Guano Creek/Sink Lakes, by Lucille Housley
Foster Flat, by Nora Taylor
The Island, by Ron Halvorson
White Rock Fen, by Barbara Raible
Hunter Creek, by Nancy Brian
French Flat, by Mark Mousseaux
Beatty Creek, by Susan Carter
Horse Rock Ridge, by Douglas Goldenberg
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Vol. 12: 2005

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
Henderson's Checkermallow: The natural, botanical, and conservation history of a rare estuarine species, by Melanie Marshall Gisler and Rhoda M. Love
Plant of the Year: California Buckeye (Aesculus californica (Spach) Nutt.), by Frank Callahan
Botanizing Western Oregon In 1841, The Wilkes Inland Expedition, by Mariana D. Bornholdt
Our Threatened Timberlines: The Plight of Whitebark Pine Ecosystems, by Michael Murray
The Botanists at Crater Lake National Park, by Elizabeth L. Horn
Gentner's Fritillary: The Discovery and Protection of a Rare Species, by Georgie Robinett
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Vol. 13: 2006

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
John Jeffrey in the Wild West: Speculations on His Life and Times (1828-1854?), by Frank A. Lang
Photographing Wildflowers: Are Your Pictures Worth 1,000 Words?, by Robert C. Korfhage
Martin Woodlock Gorman (1853-1926): Outdoorsman Extraordinary, by Mariana D. Bornholdt
PLANT OF THE YEAR: Oregon Grape (Berberis aquifolium), Our State Flower, by Shannon Fillhart and Tobias Policha
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Vol. 14: 2007

Cover, Editorial, Table of Contents
MacFarlane's Four O'clock in Hells Canyon of the Snake River, by Eugene Yates
Pioneer Botanist William Cusick: His Dark and Silent World, by Rhoda M. Love
Oregon Plants, Oregon Places: Gearhart Mountain Wilderness, by Ron Larson
Blue Flower of Tribal Legend: "Skye blue petals resemble lakes of fine clear water", by Molly L. Sultany, Susan R. Kephart, and H. Peter Eilers
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