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2009 - 2011

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2009Lead Article
January What Have NPSOers Been Up To In 2008?
February Conor Bidilspach, Christine Williams, and Carl Elliot: Upland Prairie Viola Gets a New Lease on Life
March NPSO 2009 Annual Meeting is June 5-7!
April Fran Rosenthal: Volunteer Guides Connect Kids With Nature
May Jack Hausotter: Lichen: A Member of Lichenes
June Jennifer Bailey and Anna Dennis: Collecting Seed from Four Threatened/Endangered Willamette Valley Plants
July Why Are Pacifc Northwest Mountain Meadows Disappearing—And Can They Be Brought Back?
Aug/Sept The Green Plague: Spartina Species and Pacifc Northwest Estuarine Environments.
October Jim Long: Toward Understanding Invasive Natives
November Go Native For The Pollinators
Dec/Jan Alexis Brickner, Monique Leslie, and Elizabeth Mathiott: Human-mediated Dispersal of Exotic Plant Seeds
2006 - 2008 Bulletins are in PDF format. 2012 - 2014
2010Lead Article
February Author: Stu Garrett of High Desert Chapter Is Latest NPSO Fellow
March Wallace W. Hansen: Lacy White Flowers: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly
April Gail Baker and Clayton Gautier: Australian Wildfowers: Unique, Beautiful and Diverse
May Frank Lang: Review of Volume 8 of Flora of North America
June Madeline Steele: Introducing Portland Budwatch
July Jim Long: Lawrence Grasslands Fieldtrip - NPSO Annual Meeting, Clarno, June 2010
Aug/Sept Gail Baker: From the Field: Horse Rock Ridge Research Natural Area, 5 June 2010
October Joli Timm: Hummingbird and butterfy garden dedicated to Veva Stansell
November Tanya Harvey: Douglasia laevigata Found in Southern Lane County
Dec/Jan Kristen Emmett, Geoff Gardner, and Andrew Dempsey-Karp: Giving Kincaid’s Lupine the Competitive Edge
2006 - 2008 Bulletins are in PDF format. 2012 - 2014
2011Lead Article
February Kristen Emmett, Geoff Gardner, and Andrew Dempsey-Karp: In Search of Cypripedium fasciculatum
March Ed Guerrant, PhD: The Life, Death, and Life of the Berry Botanic Garden
April NPSO 2011 Annual Meeting, Logan Valley, June 24-26
May NPSO: The First Fifty Years Billy Don Robinson
June Robert “Bob” A. Ross: Saving Plants
July Michael Kaufmann: Kalmiopsis leachiana: Survival in a land of extremes
Aug/Sept Gail Baker: NPSO Annual Meeting Hike to Antelope Mountain Lookout with Paul Slichter
October Gail A. Baker: Phenology Matters
November Autumn Mead: Restoring Invasion-resistant Wet Prairies in the Willamette Valley
Dec/Jan The Quest for Enemion Flowers at Table Rock