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1979 - 1985

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1979Lead Article
September Predator Alert - Cinnabar Moth
October Why Leaves Change Color
November Beginner's Botany
December An Undescribed Species of Romanzoffia
1980Lead Article
January John Charles Fremont - Botanical Pioneers
February Missing! - If you have a copy, please contact us.
March Missing! - If you have a copy, please contact us.
April Orchidaceae - Plant Family Profiles
May Plant Family Profiles- Ericaceae
June The Endangered Species Haplopappus Radiatus
July Mt St. Helens and Your Garden
August Archibald Menzies - Botanical Pioneers
September Missing! - If you have a copy, please contact us.
October Notes on Growing Native Plants
November The Native Plants Company
December Wilhelm N. Suksdorf
1981Lead Article
January Protection for Two Rare Plants in the Black Hills
February A Botanist Views the "Species Problem"
March Botany From the Sea - Part 1
April Botany From the Sea - Part 2
May Diamond Craters
June The Editor's View
July Limpy Rock Research Area has High Diversity of Epiparsites
August Jumping Galls on Oregon White Oak
September Gathering Fern Spores
October Growing Ferns from Spores
November Early Experiences of a Botanist - L. F. Henderson
December Early Experiences of a Botanist - cont'd from November
1982Lead Article
January Rare and Common Delphiniums
February Indian Plum
March Endangered Species Act Reauthorization
April A Botanical Name for the Phantom Orchid: Euborophyton or Cephalanthera?
May Hybrids between our Native Hawthorn and Introduced Species are Common in Wester OR
June The Status of Cupressus bakeri
July Endangered Species Act- We Won!
August Annual Meeting Field Trip Reports - Southeast Oregon
September Missing! - If you have a copy, please contact us.
October Missing! - If you have a copy, please contact us.
November Federal Act to Protect Endangered Species Becomes Law
December Pierce and Ives Islands in Danger
1983Lead Article
January Species Range or "It Ain't Necessarily So"
February Malheur Wire-Lettus Listed with Critical Habitat
March Western Blue Violet and Oregon Silverspot Butterfly
April NPSO List of Recommended Books
May Endangered Species Act Update
June Indigenous Botanists of the Northwest
July Columbia Basin Grasslands
August Willamette Valley Wetlands and Wet Prairies
September Hellroaring Meadow
October Requium for a Haybaler: Throwing out the Trowel
November Coastal Dunes
December Port Orford Cedar Forest
1984Lead Article
Jan-Sept Missing! If you've got a copy, please contact us
October Flowers Forever
November NPSO Conservation Network
December Jackson-Frazier Wetland: Should it Be?
1985Lead Article
January Some Delphiniums of Oregon
February Arabis in Southwestern Oregon: Keying Species
March Three Sisters Flora Project
April When is a Variety a Subspecies?
May How Should Wheatgrasses be Classified?
June A Chilling Tale of Two Streams
July BLM State Chief Responds to NPSO
August Pollination Process in Two Twayblades: Part 1 Listera caurina
September Pollination Process in Two Twayblades: Part 2 - The Remarkable Listera cordata
October Saga of Sildalceae
November An Old Friend Among Figworts : Verbascum thapsus
December NPSO Joins Port Orford Cedar Protection Fight