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1986 - 1990

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1986Lead Article
January Dwarf Bilberry is in Oregon!
February Management of BLM Wilderness Areas
March Conversation Alert: Hells Canyon
April New or Unusual Southwest Oregon Weeds, C. Leo Hitchcock- Remembering Hitchy
May Field Checking - April-May blooms
June NPSO History - The First 25 years
July Barrett's Penstemon Gets a Break, The Great Hackelia Hunt
August New or Unusual Southwest Weeds - Part III
September Minor Field Collectors in the Pacific Northwest
October Mahleur Canal Plan
November An Endangered Species Law
December The Clubmosses - Living Fossils
1987Lead Article
January BLM Update on Stephanomeria species
February Report on Long Draw RNA Grant Survey
March Hell's Canyon Conflict
April Where to Find Some Old Growth Forests
May How to Make A Genus Disappear
June Some Columbia Gorge Annual Hiking Weekend Hikes
July Walker Creek Wetlands Update
August Mountain Goats in the Gorge?
September The Case for Co-Existence
October State's Plant Species Affected by Variety of Geologic History
November Wildflowers in the Garden
December Protecting the Flounce Rock Cypress
1988Lead Article
January Mistletoe
February Leighton Chee Won Ho (1951 - 1987)
March Throwaway Males and Mating Types in Bigleaf Maples
April Camassia Natural Area
May Calypso bulbosa
June The Oregon Endangered Plant Species Program: An Update
July The Fine Art of Seed Collecting
August Lomatium bradshawii- What Has Delayed Federal Listing?
September The Cobra Lily
October Mysterious Moenchia
November Endangered Plant Conservation Managing for Diversity
December Root Paratism in Indian Paintbrush
1989Lead Article
January Oregon Redwood To Be Cut
February What is a Wetland?
March Endemism and Rarity in Plants
April Cows Coming Back to Catherine Creek
May NPSO Guildelines and Ethical Code
June Three Early Botanists of Oregon
July Plant Family Profiles
August It's a Fern's Life
September Penstemon deustus
October The Jean Davis Award and the Leighton Ho Fund
November NPSO's Roadside Restoration Project in the Gorge
December Rare Plant Report: Senecio ertterae
1990Lead Article
January Rare Butterfly, Rare Plant
February Help Save Oregon's Redwoods
March Of Plants and Rocks: Geobotany in Oregon
April This Season at Tom McCall Preserve
May The Bretz Floods: Shapers of Columbia Geobotany
June The Genus Lewisia
July Cattle Grazing in Rooster Rock State Park
August Field Survey for Tygh Valley Milkvetch
September Rooster Rock Park Grazing Concerns
October The Wetlands Conservancy Response
November Wallowa-Whitman National Forest 1990 Botany Program
December Newberry's Gentian