NPSO Bulletin Archives

1991 - 1995

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1991Lead Article
January Endangered Applegate Milkvetch
February Puzzle of Tofieldas of Coos County
March Changes in Wildlife Grazing Habits
April Wagner's 1in20 Rule of Thumb for Plant Collectors
May A Pesty Weed and a Botanical Joke
June Thrift is Both Native and Introduced in Oregon
July Daisies will Tell
August Black Hawthorn- Two Varieties or Two Species?
September What's Going on with Western Hawthorns?
October Bunchberry in Oregon - Cornus canadensis or Cornus unalaschkensis?
November Grazing: Issues of the 90s
December Book Review: Kruckeberg's Latest Book Will Become Bible for Northwest Ecologists
1992Lead Article
January NPSO Statement on Reintroduction of Extirpated or Rare Plant Species
February Have You Heard of Paxistima?
March Learn the Gender of Your Genera
April Tiptoe Through the Talus: A Look at Amsinkia carinata, a Mahleur County Endemic
May Legislative Notes: Cyanice Heap Leach Mining
June Have You Seen Purple Loosestrife in Your Area?
July Arthur Cronquist
August Veronica beccabunga - A Linguistic History
October Book Review: The Olympic Rainforest
November Rare Plant Field Study: Lomatium greenmanii
November Significant Plants of New River
December Montia diffusa Update
1993Lead Article
January Eastside Conservation Report
February 28 Oregon Plants to Receive Federal Protection
March Bovines Beaten Back at Buford
April Field Intern Report: Cimicifuga elata
May So, How Many Plants Are There In Oregon?
June Port Orford Cedar
July Plants of Hunter Creek
August Oregon Rare Wildflower Poster & Window Stickers
October Observations on the Pollination of Silvery Phacelia
November Revelations from the Road
December Remembering Gene Parker, Haplopappus radiatus and Cimifuga elata
1994Lead Article
January Exploration of Plant Conservation in Oregon, Sidalcea nelsoniana Finally Makes It
February The Discovery and Identification of Lomatium ravenii, PNW Exotic Pest Plant Council Organized
March Creating a Pine-Oak Savanna at Chicken Charley Flat, The Endangered Endangered Species Act
April The New Herbarium, A Journey Through Time
May Future Western Lily Management Discussed
June Shasta Snow-Wreath : Visiting a Newly Discovered California Shrub
July Botanical Treasures on Public Lands
August Common Names of Oregon Plants - Two Dozen Worts
September Ancient Forest Picnic
October Environmental Laws in Danger, Those Wallowing Sedgeheads
November Summer Intern Reports, NPSO Draft Forest Policy
December Transforming Forest Eyesores
1995Lead Article
January Down by the Seashore: The Pink Sandverbena
February The ESA and the Contract "on" America
March What's Happening in the Willamette National Forest
April Two North American Plant Hunters
May What's the Latest Name for That Plant?
June The Elkhorn Mountains
July Action Alerts!
August NPSO Forest Policy
September Sidalcea hirtipes: Is a Native Plant Gaining a Roothold After Biological Control of a Weed?
October Legislative Update, War On the West
November Adventures Along the Umpqua
December Strawbery Mountains for Carex, Extinction of the ESA by Any Other Name is Still Extinction