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2012Lead Article
February Gail A. Baker, John Koenig, and Robert Weiss: Botanical Destinations: Cook & Green Pass Trail and Lake Mountain Lookout, Klamath National Forest, California
March Frank Lang: NPSO Annual Meeting July 13-15, 2012: Come Experience Southwest Oregon’s Botanical Wonders!
April Arundo donax, Annual Meeting
May Norm Jensen
June Comparison of Oregon Ash and Big Leaf Maple, Milkweed Survey
July Park Creek
Aug/Sept 2012 NPSO Annual Meeting
October The Effects of Climate Change on Kincaid's Lupine
November John O. Sawyer - Kin to the Earth
Dec/Jan Endemic Oregon Wildflower Named for Veva Stansell
2013Lead Article
February Twig Talk: The Fun of Winter Botany - Walter Fertig
March NPSO Annual Meeting July 26 – 28: Explore the High Elevation Flora of the Elkhorn Mountains
April NPSO 2013 Annual Meeting, Baker City, July 26-28
May Candidates for Board Positions, May is Wildflower Month
June NPSO and Institute of Applied Ecology Interns
July Expanding NPSO Membership - Lomatium pastorale
Aug/Sept Tanya Harvey: Exploring Bristow Prairie, High Desert Chapter Revival
October Betsy Landis: Friend or Foe? A Perspective on Natural Pest Management
November Cecile Shohet: Growing NPSO??!! Really? Why?
December NPSO Annual State Meeting: Oregon's North Coast
2014Lead Article
February NPSO Annual Meeting, Cannon Beach, June 6-8
March Habitat Management for the Endangered Willamette Daisy
April Results of NPSO survey
May Reintroducing Golden Paintbrush to the Willamette Valley
June A Look Back at 2013
July Who’s in that Name? Barton, McMahon, and Pursh
Aug/Sept Annual Meeting in Cannon Beach
October ACECs and Horse Rock Ridge Research Natural Area
November NPSO Annual Meeting 2015: the Heart of the Columbia River Gorge
December Who's in That Name? Meriwether Lewis
2015Lead Article
February NPSO Annual Meeting, Hood River, May 29-31 2015