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2012Lead Article
February Gail A. Baker, John Koenig, and Robert Weiss: Botanical Destinations: Cook & Green Pass Trail and Lake Mountain Lookout, Klamath National Forest, California
March Frank Lang: NPSO Annual Meeting July 13-15, 2012: Come Experience Southwest Oregon’s Botanical Wonders!
April Arundo donax, Annual Meeting
May Norm Jensen
June Comparison of Oregon Ash and Big Leaf Maple, Milkweed Survey
July Park Creek
Aug/Sept 2012 NPSO Annual Meeting
October The Effects of Climate Change on Kincaid's Lupine
November John O. Sawyer - Kin to the Earth
Dec/Jan Endemic Oregon Wildflower Named for Veva Stansell
2013Lead Article
February Twig Talk: The Fun of Winter Botany - Walter Fertig
March NPSO Annual Meeting July 26 – 28: Explore the High Elevation Flora of the Elkhorn Mountains
April NPSO 2013 Annual Meeting, Baker City, July 26-28
May Candidates for Board Positions, May is Wildflower Month
June NPSO and Institute of Applied Ecology Interns
July Expanding NPSO Membership - Lomatium pastorale
Aug/Sept Tanya Harvey: Exploring Bristow Prairie, High Desert Chapter Revival
October Betsy Landis: Friend or Foe? A Perspective on Natural Pest Management
November Cecile Shohet: Growing NPSO??!! Really? Why?
December NPSO Annual State Meeting: Oregon's North Coast
2014Lead Article
February NPSO Annual Meeting, Cannon Beach, June 6-8
March Habitat Management for the Endangered Willamette Daisy
April Results of NPSO survey
May Reintroducing Golden Paintbrush to the Willamette Valley
June A Look Back at 2013
July Who’s in that Name? Barton, McMahon, and Pursh
Aug/Sept Annual Meeting in Cannon Beach
October ACECs and Horse Rock Ridge Research Natural Area
November NPSO Annual Meeting 2015: the Heart of the Columbia River Gorge
December Who's in That Name? Meriwether Lewis
2015Lead Article
February NPSO Annual Meeting, Hood River, May 29-31 2015
March Volunteering as a Field Trip Leader
April Candidates for NPSO State Board Positions
May Super Early Look at Snowless Bristow Prairie
June Diversity within a Species: Studying Sagebrush Morphotypes
July Twenty Years, 608 Pages: Producing Volume 1 of the Flora of Oregon
Aug/Sept 2015 Annual Meeting: Hot Times in Hood River
October Adaptive Restoration in Oregon's Coastal Prairies, Clatsop Plains
November Natural History of the McKenzie River Area
December Filipendula –– the New North Coast Chapter of NPSO
2016Lead Article
February NPSO Annual Meeting, McKenzie River Conference Center, July 15-17