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Dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation, and study of Oregon's native vegetation.

May 1997

Volume 30 · Number 5

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State News

Jun. 6-8, Fri.- Sun. Annual Meeting: Item text.Annual Meeting: Camp Cascade. Details and registration forms in last two issues of the Bulletin.

Jun. 8 Sun. State Board Meeting: 9 A.M. at the annual meeting.

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Chapter News

Blue Mountain

May 10, Sat. Field Trip: To Squaw Creek Canyon, a tributary of the Umatilla River, east of Pendleton. Meet: NE comer of the Pendleton Safeway parking lot, 9 A.M. Leader: Jerry Baker.

Meeting: No meetings for the rest of the summer.

May 31, Sat. Field Trip: To Squaw Creek Lookout/Poverty Flats/Cabbage Hill. This trip, announced in the April Bulletin, has been canceled.

Jun. 1, Sun. Field Trip: Frazier Meadows. Meet: NE comer of Pendleton Safeway parking lot, 8 A.M. Leader: Jerry Baker.

Jun. 21, Sat. Field Trip: Magone Lake, north of Mt. Vernon. Meet: NE corner of the Pendleton Safeway parking lot, 7 A.M., or at ffie lake swimming area, 10 A.M. Leaders: Katherine and Aaron Skirvin.

Jul. 12, Sat. Field Trip: Target Meadows, near Tollgate. Meet: NE corner of Pendleton Safeway parking lot, 8 A.M. 


May 11, Sun. Field Trip: Mary's Peak, focussing on western slopes, rockeries, and xeric sites. Easy, roadside walk. Meet: OSU parking lot, across from campus Beanery, 9 A.M. (to 3 P.M.). Bring lunch. Leader: Loren Russell.

May 12, Mon. Meeting: 7:30 P.M. Room 2087, Cordley Hall, OSU campus. Loren Russell will show slides and talk about rare and endangered plants of the Corvallis Chapter area.

May 31, Sat. Field Trip: The meadow flowers of MacDonald-Dunn Forest, in conjunction with Research Forests. Easy hike. Meet: 9 A.M., OSU parking lot, corner of 25th and Monroe Sts., across from campus Beanery. Bring lunch or snack. Leader: Ankie Camacho.


May 4, Sun. Field Trip: Wildflower walk at Armitage Park (I-S and the McKenzie River), co-sponsored by Nearby Nature. 1 - 3 P.M. Meet: Nearby Nature Center; there is a $3 park entrance fee. Call Charlene Simpson for more information.

May 10, Sat. Field Trip: Fawn Pk. or Table Mtn. Molly Widmer, BLM South Valley Resource Area botanist, will take us to a COOL ridgetop or peak in her resource area. Leave S. Eugene H.S. parking lot at 9:30 A.M. Call Molly Widmer for information.

May 18, Sun. Wildflower Show: Mt. Pisgah Spring Festival and Wildflower Show. Exit 30thAve./LCC, just south of Eugene, and go east over I-5. Follow signs. 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. Hundreds of species of local wildflowers will be on display.

May 18, Sun. Field Trip: West Eugene Wetlands Mitigation Site Tour. Meet: West Eugene BLM office (on the east side of Danebo St., just north of Hwy. 126), at 1 P.M. (to 5 P.M.), for a tour of local wetland mitigation sites. Led by BLM botanist, Kathy Pendergrass.

May 19, Mon. Meeting: 7:30 P.M. Main campus, Lane Community College. Directions: From 30th St., turn south on Eldon-Schafer Dr., follow past Oak Hill School, park in South Parking lot of LCC. Walk down stairs to Science Building, room 109, which faces parking lot. Bart Johnson, an ecologist in the Landscape Architecture Dept., U. of 0., will present "Fcosystem Management in the Litfie Applegate Watershed, Oregon." Located in SW Oregon, this was one of the first projects to consider ecosystem management principles, and it has included a lot of public input and interaction.     NOTE: THIS IS THE THIRD MONDAY OF THE MONTH, TO AVOID A HOLIDAY MEETING ON THE FOURTH MONDAY.  Call Kathy Pendergrass for more information.

May 24, Sat. Field Trip: Mt. Pisgah. A trip up the south face to the summit, hoping for some uncommon species. Folks, if you like SW Oregon chaparral, this is the closest thing to it in Lane County! Also see the buckbrush (and maybe a blue-grey gnatcatcher) and we'll hope to see the wayside aster (Aster vialis), a rare senecio (Senecio macounii), maybe balsamroot (Balsamorhiza deltoidea) and definitely some surprises. Leave S. Eugene H.S., 9 A.M., or SE entrance to Buford Park, 9:30 A.M. Leaders: John Koenig, Ethen Perkins, Bruce Newhouse

Jun. 14, Sat. Atlas Trip: Siltcoos Estuary Exploration. We'll make a plant list (and speak a lot of Latin) at Lane County's only sizeable salt marsh. Several salt marsh species are documented north and south of here, so we'll target them on our visit. Rubber Boots.Lunch. Binoculars. A second, surprise stop will make for a full day. Leave S. Eugene H.S. parking lot at 8:30 A.M. Bruce Newhouse, .

Jun. 28, Sat. Field Trip: McGowan Meadow. Coburg Hills site, about 5 acres in size, at 2000 ft. elev. There is a mixture of Willamette Valley and higher elevation plants here. Leave, 10A.M., S. Eugene H.S. parking lot. Leader: Dave Predeek.

High Desert

Meeting: No meeting in May.

May 18, Sun. Native Plant Show: The Central Oregon Environmental Center, 16 NW Kansas, Bend, will be taken over on this day by Oregon's native species. Howie Braunstein and his students will gather common examples of native plants from a variety of central Oregon ecosystems and display and identify them. Stop by the Center between 11 A.M and 4 P.M. to see the display.

May 20, Tue. Atlas Field Trip: This will be one of our surveys to look at previously poorly botanized areas to develop information for the Oregon Plant Atlas Project. We will take time to key-out and identify plants. All are welcome. Meet: Deschutes National Forest supervisor's parking lot, near Pilot Butte, 8:30 A.M. Contact Stu Garrett,, for details.

May 31, Sat. Field Trip: Haystack Butte Research Natural Area. Easy 4 mi. hike to the summit of Haystack Butte, north of Redmond, to see this Research Natural Area and its spectacular native grasses. Contact Stu Garrett,, for details.

Jun 7, Sat. Field Trip: The Island. This is a remnant example of our native grasslands. Much of the local high desert probably looked like this before grazing, farming and urbanization took over. Unfortunately, even in this barely-grazed area, exotic weeds are a problem. NPSO will assist the BLM in removing medusahead from several, small, infested areas. Contact Stu Garrett,, for details.

Jun. 17, Tue. Atlas Field Trip: Metolius Highlands. (See May 20 above, for details.) Meet at the Deschutes National Forest Supervisor's parking lot, near Pilot Butte, 8:30 A.M. Contact Stu Garrett,, for details.

Jun. 28, Sat. Field Trip: Alder Springs Thistle Attack and Nature Hike. This is one of the most dramatic canyons in our area. Exotic thistles are starting to take over and we will cooperate with the BLM the Portland Chapter of NPSO to attack it. Combination work day and fun hike. Contact Stu Garrett,, for details.

Field Trips: Trips are also planned for Studhorse Butte, July 19-20; Strawberry Summit, Aug. 2; Broken Top Volcano, Sept.13. Details in future issues.


May 7, Wed. Meeting: 7:30 P.M. Mosier School. Dan Luoma will talk about mushrooms and other fungi.

May 17 &18, Sat. & Sun. Field Trip: Join us for a weed pull and wildflower hike in Rowena Dell. Meet: 10 A.M., circle of Rowena Crest Overlook. Joint trip with Portland Chapter (which see, for details). For more information, call Barbara Robinson.

May 31, Sat. Meeting: Evening. (Call Fred Paige for time and place). Clive Gandley, an English expert, will talk on penstemon hybridization. Jointly sponsored by the Master Gardeners and the NPSO.

Jun. 4, Wed. Meeting: 7:30 P.M. Mosier School. Joy Belsky will tell us about her research on the effects of pollution on the plants of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

North Coast

For information on North Coast Chapter, contact Christine Stanley..


May 3, Sat. Field Trip: Beavercreek Canyon. Short hike of 1 - 3 mi. Beavercreek is a tributary of the Sandy River. A new trail was recently built into the canyon and involves a 300 ft. elev. loss and climb to complete the round trip. Participants will discover botanical, geological and animal diversity, characteristics of the Beavercreek Canyon Greenspace. Meet: 9 A.M., Troutdale Thriftway, corner of Stark St. and Troutdale Rd., about 0.5 mi. east of Mt. Hood Community College. For more information, contact Paul Rabe, prabe@ hpux.mesd.k 1

May 4, Sun. Field Trip: Sunshine Creek Loop. Hike about 3 mi. R.T., with 800 ft. elev. gain. Hike for a mile along the creek, then return through Douglas fir forest, including some old growth. Leave: 8 A.M., from Gateway/99th Ave. Park & Ride, near SE corner of lot. Take exit 7 from 1-84, turn immediately right onto 99th Ave. Second meeting.: 9 A.M. Beacon Rock State Park Rest Area, near M.P. 35 on Washington Hwy. 14. Cross the Columbia River on the I-205 bridge. Contact Russ Jolley for more information.

May 10, Sat. Field Trip: Songbird celebration and spring wildflowers along Salmon River. See spring wildflowers on morning walk through old growth forest, over rock outcrops and oak balds. The hike (limit of 12) will finish at midday, allowing time to visit the Songbird Celebration at Wildwood Park near Welches. Immediately following the Songbird Celebration, Sue Allen will host a late afternoon open house at her home in nearby Brentwood. Check in with Sue at the NPSO booth. This is a finger food, bring your own beverage potluck. All welcome. Car pool from Gateway 99th Ave. Park & Ride, near SE corner of the parking lot, with 8 A.M. departure. Second meeting place: 9A.M., Zig Zag Ranger Station. Contact Marty Stein or Sue Allen for details.

May 13, Tue. Meeting: First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson St., Portland. Miles McCoy will present a "Report on the Oregon Garden Project in Silverton".

May 17, Sat. Field Trip: Linear State Park. Explore a portion of this park in the Coast Range with Glenn Walthall, a retired biologist and botanist, now consultant to the Oregon State Parks Department. We will walk two segments of the trail, following the route of a former railroad right-of-way through various habitats; segment one goes from M.P. 9.8 to a massive slide at M.P. 12; after lunch we drive a short distance to pick up the trail from M.P. 8.4 to M.P. 9.4. The biology of these two segments is quite different. Excellent opportunity to see a wonderful hiking area with spring flora in bloom and many birds. Bring field guides, binoculars, lunch and water. Trail grades very gradual, but may be muddy in places. Leave: 9 A.M., from Dairy Queen on Hwy. 26, just opposite Pihl Rd. in the town of Manning. Contact Glenn Walthall for detalls.  

May 17 & 18, Sat. & Sun. Field Trip: Rowena Dell weed pull and wildflower hike. This is a joint trip with Mid-Columbia Chapter. This is one of the loveliest spots in the oak woodland area of the Gorge. Three years ago the undeveloped part of this spectacular cliff-lined canyon became public land and we need help cleaning it up. Meet: 10 A.M., circle of Rowena Crest Overlook. Take 1-84 to Mosier exit, then go 6.75 mi. on U.S. 30 to overlook. Event jointly sponsored by NPSO, Central Cascades Alliance and Friends of the Gorge. Contact Barbara Robinson for details.

Jun. 1, Sun. Field Trip: Loop. Hike about 5 mi. R.T., with 1400 ft. elev. gain. We will visit the Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve, traversing about a mile of the rocky ridge top. The sharp ridge crest and open terrain allow sweeping views for many miles in all directions. Some wildflowers, like Erigeron linearis, will be in their prime. Leave: 8 A.M., Gateway 99th Ave. Park & Ride, near SE corner of parking lot. Take exit 7 from 4-84, turn right immediately onto 99th Ave. Second mtng.: 9:30 A.M., Rest Area, M.P. 74, Washington Hwy. 14. Cross the Columbia River on Hood River Bridge at exit 64 from I- 84. Contact Russ Jolley for more information.


May 4, Sun. Field Trip: Illinois River Canyon Trail. Easy hike. Leaders: Steve Marston, Siskiyou Project, Don Heinze, BLM (retired). Features: Rare plants, such as Kalmiopsis (Kalmiopsis leachiana) and cobra plant (Darlingtonia californica). Meet: 9 A.M., Selma Supermarket parking lot, left (north) side.

May 15, Thu. Meeting: 7:30 P.M. Room 171, Science Building, Southern Oregon State College. Ken French of the Oregon Department of Agriculture will present a program on the noxious weeds of southwestern Oregon.

May 17, Sat. Field Trip: Return to Rough and Ready Botanical Area. Easy hike. This will be a completely different flora from April. The remains of the April rare plants may also be present. Leader: Don Heinze, BLM (retired). Meet: Interagency Visitor's Center, Cave Junction, 9 A.M.

May 30 - Jun. 1, Fri. - Sun. Conference: Conference on Siskiyou Ecology in the Illinois Valley. There will also be preconference field trips and workshops on May 28 and 29 (see article in this issue for more information).

Jun. 14, Sat. Field Trip: Sharon Fen. Moderate hike. Leader: Darren Borgias, The Nature Conservancy. Features: A superb example of a minerotropic fen (a floating/quaking mire), bladderpod (Utricularia minor), a floating, aquatic, carnivorous plant, other interesting aquatic and emergent plants.

Field Trips: Trips are also planned for June 21 and Aug. 2. Details later.

South Coast

May 17-18, Sat.-Sun. Wildflower Conference: The Southern Oregon Coast / SW Oregon Wildflower Conference in Charleston, Oregon, focuses on the diverse and unique flora of the southern Oregon coast and the Siskiyou Mountains. Saturday: Presentations on rare plants in the area, local wildflower hot spots, and impacts of exotic vegetation. Sunday: Field trip to unique coastal habitats south of Bandon. Admission for entire weekend is $20. For information, contact Bruce Rittenhouse.

Umpqua Valley

Officers: New officers: Sandra Stiltner, president; Russ Holmes, vice president; Richard Sommer, secretary-treasurer.

May 8, Thu. Meeting: 7 P.M. Room 310, Douglas County Courthouse, Roseburg. Bring a favorite plant, or "weed" or an experience.

May 24, Sat. Field Trip: View endemics at Eight Dollar Mtn. in the Illinois Valley. Meet: BLM parking lot, 777 Garden Valley Blvd., just off exit 125 of I-S, for 8 A.M. departure. Contact Richard Sommer for more information.

Jun. 12, Thu. Meeting: 7 P.M. Bring family and friends to Powell Point any time after 4 P.M. for fishing, swimming or botanizing Myrtle Island RNA. See how high water changed the channel and bar. Potluck at 6:30 P.M. with BBQ chicken and beverage furnished. For information more information, contact Mildred Theile.

Jun. 14, Sat. Field Trip: Kentucky Fall and Roman Nose in Douglas County's Smith River drainage, Leave: 8 A.M., BLM parking lot, 777 Garden Valley Blvd., Roseburg.

Willamette Valley

May 10, Sat. Field Trip: The purpose is to develop a species list for the Oregon Flora Project. Moderate hike. Meet: 8:30 A.M., BLM parking lot, corner of Fabry Rd. and South Commercial. Leader: Claire Hibler.

May 17, Sat. Field Trip: Saddle Mountain. Joint trip with the Audubon Society. Moderately difficult hike. Driving: 2 hrs. Meet: 8 A.M., People's Church parking lot on North Lancaster Drive. Leader: Walt Yungen.

May 19, Mon. Meeting: 7 P.M. United Methodist Church, 600 State St. NE, Salem. Bob Meinke will present a program, titled "Botanizing Alaska's Arctic Coast."

May 24-26, Sat.-Sun. Field Trip: Southwestern Oregon. Join trip leader Wilbur Bluhm and members of the Rhododendron Society to visit a variety of diverse habitats in SW Oregon. For more information, call Wilbur Bluhm,

May 31, Sat. Field Trip: Aumsville Wetlands. Help develop a species list for a parcel, with wetlands and manmade ponds, that Chemeketa Community College students will be developing a management plan for. Meet: 8:30 A.M., K-Mart parking lot on Mission St. Leader: Wynne Cudmore, Chemeketa CC Instructor.

Wm. Cusick

May 3, Sat. Field Trip: 9 A.M. - 1 P.M. Bob Ottersberg will be cleaning the Birnie Park native flower bed across the street from the Forest and Range Laboratory at Gekeler and C Ave. The grasses have taken over and we need help reclaiming the space for the natives planted there to commemorate the pioneers entering the Grande Ronde Valley. We will try to find replacements for some of the native flowers which have been pushed out by the grass. For information, contact Bob at

May 10, Sat. Class: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. Barbara Russell will teach a class (on this and the following Saturday) through the Baker-Union ESD, "Beginning Botany and Native Plant Identification." The class will focus on how to use a plant key and how to identify unknown plant you encounter in your travels. Slides will familiarize people with plant family characteristics, plant parts used for identification will be taught, and then we will dive in and just do it. We will practice keying with fresh specimens. For information, contact Barbara Russell,

May 14, Wed. Meeting: 5:30 P.M. We will have a potluck picnic at Morgan Lake to celebrate spring wildflowers. Meet at 5:30 P.M. at the Forest and Range Laboratory, Gekeler Lane and C Ave., if you would like to car pool. We will meet at the first picnic table past the dam at Morgan Lake, about 6 P.M. NPSO will provide drinks.

May 17, Sat. Class: 8:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M. The second session of Barbara Russell's beginning botany class. (See May 10, above.)

May 17, Sat. Field Trip: Paula Brooks, Forest Botanist, Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, will lead a spring wildflower trip to the Sumpter/Phillips Lake area west of Baker City. Grass widows, bluebells and fawn lilies will probably be blooming. Meet: 9 A.M., behind the Baker City Post Office. Bring lunch and a friend. Call Paula to confirm.

May 17, Sat. Field Trip: Karen Antell, a botany professor at Eastern Oregon University, will lead a trip to view flowers at Ladd Marsh. This is part of a project to complete a species list and plant collection for the marsh. Meet: 2 P.M., Ladd Marsh overlook on Foothills Rd., for the two hour trip. Contact Karen Antell for information.

May 17-18, Sat.-Sun. Field Trip: The Nature Conservancy is sponsoring a campout to attack noxious weeds at the Boardman Research Natural Area. This native grassland is one of the most endangered ecosystems in Oregon. Wildflowers will be blooming galore and Washington ground squirrels, burrowing owls, long-billed curlews and several hawk species may be seen. Camping available beginning Friday evening at nearby Tullis Farm. Bring a potluck dish for the Saturday night barbecue, water, and breakfast and lunch for as long as you plan to stay. Meet on south side of  I-84 at the Irrigon exit (#168) at 9:30 A.M. on Saturday. Contact Berta Youtie for more information.

May 18, Sun. Field Trip: Andy Huber, professor of soils and crop science at Eastern Oregon State College will lead a trip to view wildflowers on Pumpkin Ridge. GROWISER (Grande Ronde Overlook Wildflower Institute Serving Ecological Restoration), a nonprofit organization, is working on wildflower seed production here. Meet: 9 A.M., Eastern Oregon University stadium parking lot. Stay for the morning, or bring lunch and stay all day. Contact Andy Huber for more information.

May 22, Thu. Field Trip: NPSO and the Master Gardeners of Union County will sponsor a noxious weed field trip, led by Gary Dade, Director of Vegetation Management for Union County. He will show how to identify the weeds at different growth stages and will demonstrate eradication methods. There will be a brief slide show at 9 A.M. Buses will lead at 9:45 and return at 4 P.M. Meet: Ag Center, 10513 N. McAlister Rd., Island City, across from Bronson's. Contact Ruth Betza or Jennie Tucker for more information.

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We Welcome New Members Joining from 2/9/97 to 3/29/97

At Large
Crystal Dollhausen
David and Esther McLaughlin
Blue Mountain
Anna C. Anderson
Delores L. Bjerke
Sean Currans
Tom Darnell and Carol Poppenga
Clark and Lyla Lampson
Sandy Ott
Susan Buhler
Craig W. Edminster
Lisa Grubisha
Eric Muench
Jono Neiger
Anne Elizabeth Turner
Daysha Eaton
Christine Pearson
Jamie Tolfree
Steve Caicco and Judy Brown
Tom Carlson
David Dalton
Mike Darnell
Denis M. Dooley
Jill Fuglister
Skip Haak
Hortus West Publications
Margie Powers
Stephanie Pringle
Greg Stone
Emily J. Teachout
Heather D. Zavoral
South Coast
Robin Hansen
Willamette Valley
Linette Studebaker
William Cusick
Lucy Terry

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Klamath Basin NPSO Chapter to Start

There is interest in forming a chapter of the Na-tive Plant Society of Oregon in the Klamath Falls area. A number of field trips in the Klamath Basin are scheduled for this summer and will be announced in the June Bulletin.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Klamath Basin Chapter, please contact Susan Erwin.

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BLM Prepares Management Plan for Rough and Ready ACEC: Comments Needed - Barbara Ullian

In 1994 the Bureau of Land Management designated 1,164 acres of Rough and Ready Creek and its surrounding flood plain as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). The BLM in a challenge cost share project with The Nature Conservancy is now developing a management plan for this unique, diverse and renowned botanical area. In light of the significant threats to the integrity of this special place, it is essential that BLM hears from Native Plant Society members and others that the ecological, botanical and scenic values of the Rough and Ready ACEC and its exceptional water quality must be protected and preserved.

Adding to the previously discussed threats (April, 1997 Bulletin) we have just learned that the ACEC is the potential smelter site for the NICORE mining project and that the ACEC itself could be strip mined in subsequent mining operations. This is in addition to the proposal to transport and stockpile ore, mined in the upper part of the watershed, on the ACEC. If you cannot meet BLM's May 5th timeline for submitting scoping comments for the Rough and Ready ACEC Management Plan Environmental Assessment, please write as soon afterward as possible (your comments will still be accepted). The miners, a very vocal and powerful force, are planning a write-in campaign in support of mining on the ACEC and the NICORE Project.

Some suggested points to make are:

The Rough and Ready ACEC should be managed to protect and preserve not only populations of sensitive plants and plant assemblages but the ecological features, processes and integrity which fostered them and supports their continuance. The ACEC should be withdrawn from mineral entry. Its ecological and botanical values and its exceptional water quality are of much greater value to the public than its marginal mineral value. Off road vehicle tracks should be closed to motorized use and restored. The water quality and fisheries values of the ACEC must be protected. The relatively undisturbed valley floor forests of the ACEC are an important remnant from the past and should be protected and preserved. The introduction of non-native species should be prevented.

Write to:

Bureau of Land Management
Medford District
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, Oregon 97504
Attention: Bob Korfhage, Area Manager.

CORRECTION: The telephone number of the Siskiyou Regional Education Project was given incorrectly in the April Bulletin. We apologize for the inconvenience. The correct number for further information on Rough and Ready Creek is (541) 592-4459, or write the Siskiyou Project at P.O. Box 220, Cave Junction, Oregon 97523. A preliminary map of the NICORE Mine Project on Rough and Ready Creek is available.

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Siskiyou Conference Update - Jennifer Beigel

The Native Plant Society of Oregon is a cosponsor of the First Conference on Siskiyou Ecology which will take place from May 30 to June 1, 1997 in Kerby, Oregon. It will include presentations on a broad spectrum of topics, including past and current research on regional flora and fauna, the botanical significance of the area, unique geological features, and historical changes influencing the integrity of the Siskiyou Mountains region, as well as the Klamath Mountains region. The unique serpentine flora of the Siskiyous is beginning a spectacular blooming season and should be in full show during the conference.

Keynote speakers include: Dr. Art Kruckeberg, Natural History of Serpentine Vegetation in the Siskiyous; Dr. Frank Lang, History of Botanical Exploration in the Siskiyous; Dr. Donald Zobel, A Port Orford Cedar Update -- Biology, Risk and Controversy. There will be over 30 talks discussing the flora, birds, fungi, geology and insects of the region, including Dr. Rudolf Becking on darlingtonia bog communities, Dr. Linda Vorobik on the re-examination of Arabis species in the region, and Bruce Rittenhouse on rare plants of the Siskiyou coast.

There will be a number of conference and preconference field trips to areas of botanical interest, beginning on May 28, with an all-day exploration of the diversity of the area with local botanists and the author of the Klamath Knot, David Rains Wallace. Friday morning there is a workshop on landscaping with native plants and native woody plant propagation at Althouse Nursery, led by the owners, Greg and Barbara Delbol.

The conference is being coordinated by the Siskiyou Regional Education Project and is co-sponsored by NPSO, Southern Oregon State College Biology Department, and the Oregon Caves National Monument.

For registration information and a more detailed schedule of speakers and events, contact Conference on Siskiyou Ecology, c/o SiskiyouProject, P.O. Box 220, Cave Junction, Oregon 87523, attn: Jennifer Beigel or Erik Jules, or e-mail: ejules @ You can also visit our web site at

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Mt. Pisgah Announces Workshops

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene has announced the following workshops. For information, and to register, call the Education Office, 747-1504.
Sat., May 3
10 A.M. - Noon. "Natives and Aliens." $2 donation requested.
11 A.M. - 3 P.M. "Family Workshop: Trees On Parade." $2 per person, $5 per family.
Sat., May 10
10 A.M. - Noon. "Wetlands Won-ders." All ages.
Sat. May 17
10 A.M. - Noon. "Plant Names and Other Family Gossip." $2 donation requested.
1 - 4 P.M. "Wildflower Photography." $12 mem-bers, $15 nonmembers.
Register by May 12.
Sat. May 24
11 A.M. - 2 P.M. "Papermaking with Native Plants." $5 per person, $12 per family.
Register by May 19.

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ONRC Field Trips

The Oregon Natural Resources Council is offering a canoe trip and/or a hike in the KIamath Basin Wildlife Refuge on Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26. And June 14-15 (with Monday the 16th optional) there will be a wildflower and bird exploration of the high desert. Reservations are required and there is a donation of $15 for members and $25 for nonmembers. Information: 541-885-4886. Reservations: Check to Wendell Wood (made out to ONRC-Fund), 943 Lakeshore Drive,, Klamath Falls, OR 97601-9107.

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